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Your Application to Haybridge - September 2018 Intake
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Do you have a Statement of Special Educational Needs which names Haybridge?
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Current School
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Please enter PPG (Present Predicted Grade) all subjects you are currently taking.

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Sixth Form Courses Required
Please enter three subjects in order of preference.
Students generally follow a programme of three subjects in Year 12, although a small number of students may choose to take four subjects.  This enables students to participate in many of the extra-curricular and enrichment activities on offer. This will not only make their time in the Sixth Form more enjoyable but also help them develop key skills that universities and employers are looking for when recruiting students. There is no evidence that universities look more kindly on students following a programme of 4 A Level subjects.

All subjects are A level unless stated otherwise.
Subject Choice 1
Subject Choice 2
Subject Choice 3
Subject Choice 4 (Conditional)
Sixth Form Enrichment Courses 
Students can select three enrichment courses.
Enrichment 1
Enrichment 2
Enrichment 3
I have read the prospectus and understand the entry requirements I have to meet to be able to study this combination of subjects
 I Agree
Personal Statement
Please comment on achievements and interests in and out of school, what you can offer Haybridge Sixth Form and reasons for your choice of subjects/course, together with any long term career plans. (500-4000 characters)
I have read and understood the ‘Admission Policy for entry to the Sixth Form in September 2018’
 Agree Policy
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